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A doctor checking blood sugar with a glucometer


At our Outpatient Clinic, we offer a comprehensive diabetes management program to help those with diabetes better manage their condition. Dr Pikilidou will provide support and guidance to help you make positive lifestyle changes and develop a personalized care plan. We are committed to helping you take control of your health and keep your diabetes under control.

We perform assessments to check for diabetic complications affecting your kidneys, feet and heart. If we detect symptoms, we coordinate additional testing with other medical specialists.

We also deliver treatments and support to people with other blood sugar problems that include: 

  • Low blood sugar after bariatric surgery: This condition occurs when the body produces abnormally high levels of insulin after eating (reactive hypoglycemia). You may experience dizziness and sweating after each meal. Treatment often includes changes to your diet and possibly medications to slow insulin production. 

  • Metabolic syndrome: This group of conditions, including insulin resistance, high blood pressure and diabetes, increases your risk of heart disease. We coordinate with cardiovascular experts to help you receive services that protect your heart.

  • Prediabetes: Abnormally high blood sugar levels indicate a higher risk of diabetes. These levels may come down with lifestyle changes, such as eating a healthier diet, so you can avoid a diabetes diagnosis.

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